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01/27/1832 Lewis Carroll is born Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, Carroll invented his pen name by translating his first two names into the Latin "Carolus Lodovicus" and then anglicizing it into "Lewis Carroll."

1854 He graduated from Christ Church College, Oxford. Carroll remained there, lecturing on mathematics and writing treatises and guides for students

1856 The first recorded use of his pseudonym was when Dodgson submitted a parody to the magazine The Train. The editor of The Train, Edmund Yates, chose the pseudonym "Lewis Carroll" from a list of possible pen names submitted by Dodgson.

1861 Although he took deacon`s orders in 1861, Carroll was never ordained a priest, partly because he was afflicted with a stammer that made preaching difficult and partly, perhaps, because he had discovered other interests.

1865 Lewis Carroll is best known for ALICE`S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND. It is believed that this book was originally written for Alice Liddell, the child of the Dean of Christ Church college.

1868 After his father`s death, he purchased "The Chestnuts", at Guildford, Surrey, where his family moved.

1872 THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS; It is believed that this book was also originally written for Alice Liddell, the child of the Dean of Christ Church college.

1876 Carroll`s comic and children`s works include The Hunting of the Snark

1881 He gave up his mathematics Lectureship to devote himself full time to his writing.

1889 Other childrens works consist of a two part story Sylvie and Bruno (part one)

1893 Sylvie and Bruno (part two). These were an unsuccessful attempt to re-create the Alice fantasies.

1898 Lewis Carroll died of bronchitis. He is buried in Mount Cemetery, Guildford, Surrey, near the home he bought for his family.

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